The best works from previous months.

I draw for about 6 months now, so I have decided to choose 3 best – in my opinion – works and write little bit about them here. If you wish to see all of my drawings visit my DeviantArt !

Cross-hatching style skull.


I regret that I haven’t paid enough attention to the proportions of skull – I’ve made it just to try out the cross-hatching style. I like it, because of the way you can express the tone in drawings. I will surely make more drawing of this kind soon.

Copy of Cotan’s painting.
Scanned document-page-001.jpg

I love to use colour in my works, so i really enjoyed this one. I really love the intensity of colours. What i am not satisfied with for sure is the background – i should have paid much more attention to it, or use ink instead of crayons/markers or just go for a black paper.

Rapid sketch of dress with copics markers

I am sorry for quality, but it is a photo instead of scan – scanner didn’t catch out the grey tones.

It is great fun to make rapid sketches – copic markers allows you to do whatever you want and play with tones as you wish. I will definitely do more of soon. The most difficult part about this is to find what i would like to draw tho 😀



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