The clips

This post is about video clips, which will be my inspiration for my work. Sia and Maddie Ziegler did amazing work and those are fragments which i chose.

Click to watch

Clip no.1: Sia – Chandelier

Controversial video with  young girl dancing is actually amazing piece of work. Sia found a very talented dancer. Her moves and expressions are incredible. They may seem little bit chaotic, but all this together connects into nice completed composition.

Clip no.2: Sia – Cheap Thrills

Perfect show of people who can not dance and they do it on their own way. Many strange and clumsy moves which are perfect for the animation i wanna make. Although, i find a lack of facial expression a problem here.

Clip no.3: Sia – The Greatest

I think it is the best choice of all of them. This clip is rich in facial expressions, and body moves. Also the camera moves take a big role here. 



One thought on “The clips

  1. 1. In my opinion this one is the best for you and for animation. You can clearly see a whole body and every her movement. Also, in this clip you can play with cameras what is interesting.
    2. This one is very simply and movements are the same all the time. You can not see a face here so you are unable to animate that. Too easy 😀
    3. That is dynamic and chaotic, but beautiful in the same time. Like in clip2- there is no legs for most of time. But if you want a challenge- take this one and have fun with hair 😀


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