Model of the dancer is ready!

Here you can follow my progress of work! It was hard time for me with many mistakes, but finally it’s finished! 😀

I’ve started from creating body, which i finished very quickly. I’ve used the method of playing with half ot the body and then just using “duplicate special”. I think it’s a good way of doing it, i found it very comfortable and intuitive. przechwytywanie

Next was face, which was very troublesome. Next time i will definitely avoid the way i’ve done it now and try something easier – connecting all parts together was very time consuming… same about correcting vertexes’ positions.

Eyes are made from normal sphere polygons.

For the end i’ve done the hair. I am not sure how they will do during the animation but for now i’m quite satisfied with the final result.

And the whole body! I know, i know, eyes look kinda scary 😀 I think about correcting them later on before doing animation. I will firstly see how they are gonna work.

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The file if you wish to download: Google drive download



One thought on “Model of the dancer is ready!

  1. Your mesh is really impressive and looks similar to this girl from the clip. Face is amazing and complicated, you did a great job here. But I think that she has no shoulders, it makes her a little bit squashed on the top


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