Character modeling #1: Maddie Zegler (part 3)

Rigging is much more complicated than i expected it to be. Spending that many hours on getting to know all tools fuctions and the way the program works made me aware of how wide this topic is and the time spent on it wasn’t enough at all. But here is what I’ve done:

I’ve started with quite normal, basic joints frame of whole body with the root on hips area.


After finishing it, i have started to work on reverse root lock. I chose the method built on IKs, Grouping, Parenting – all details are on screenshot. I think i really liked this one method, it looks less complicated for me in outliner, meanwhile i use the outliner a lot.


After, I decided to make “ball roll” system, which is supposed to make the walking movement much easier and quicker. I made it even though i wasn’t quite sure if i will need it in my model – my animation will probably require more manual work.


Then i focused on spine, which was very problematic for me. Many errors, mistakes, unwanted translations and rotations… Some of them i corrected and they work now, but unluckly there is problem with additional spine movement, which i will have to repair before animating.
Final forms of my rig.



Download link: Google Drive Download Link


One thought on “Character modeling #1: Maddie Zegler (part 3)

  1. I am really impressed by your rig 😀 It is very complicated and precise. I think that rig fits right to the mesh, so animation will be not a problem here. You put so many controllers and it might be a little bit confusing, but I think you will be okey with that 😀


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