Life drawing session no.3

Three life drawing sessions made me realize how my drawings are idealized. The lack of imperfect lines, deformations, proper shadows, which would accentuate the mass of character. Also, this few more hours of experience for sure improved my self-criticism. It’s important to be able to notice own mistakes and be able to work on them to get better effect in next drawings. Additionally, spending most of time on drawing parts, which you find most difficult brings better results than you expected!

Moreover, I’ve noticed that the way I draw does not help me catching the right proportions on my character. I am paying too much attention to each part separately instead of looking at whole body as an oneness. Which makes me miss the right proportions in places like arms width, size of head, feet and hands.

Here are results of last life drawing session!

As always, few warming up sketches.


this is fragment of 20 minutes drawing… I am really like this part, it looked like i finally start to catch the mass of the model here! I wish I had more time so i could finish the whole pose though. 


– Should have done the chair! –


This one was such a struggle… pose and the perspective were not helping to make it any easier at all. I don’t like the way i’ve done the back and the stomach area, although we can see that i try to work and get better on legs!




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